Sony revealed in a recent investors call that the PlayStation 5 shortage will continue well into 2021.

PS5 Shortage continues this year 2021

Sony will not be able to exploit the high demand for the PS5, as parts continue to be scarce well into 2021. This also means that getting our hands on a PS5 will still be as difficult as ever, especially thanks to scalpers. The PS5 shortage continues well into 2021, Sony reveals in a presentation to investors. This also means that Sony will not be able to capitalize on and improve on their record-setting earnings over the past quarter. Demand for the PS5 will continue, exacerbated by the PS5 shortage, but also because of new upcoming first-party exclusives.

Meanwhile, Sony’s competitor Microsoft also reported growth in their gaming department. The PS5 shortage will surely play into the tight competition between the two giants. Hence, both companies feel the need to double down on their investment into first-party exclusives. After all, if you want to play the next God of War, you’ll have to get a PS5 eventually. The same goes for the Xbox Series X/S for titles like Halo and Gears, but these “exclusives” are less scarce thanks to being published also on Windows. Besides, while Xbox also experiences the same shortage as PS5, it’s not as severe as the one experienced by PlayStation.

Many factors lead to the shortage of consoles. First comes the pandemic situation, as production slowed down as people stay at home. The boom of cryptocurrencies and NFTs also indirectly affect console supply. With having limited resources to produce more electronics, producers may choose to prioritize chips for computers that can mine cryptocurrencies.