The universe of Spirit Blossom once again expands with A TON more skins coming up. Spirit Blossom Aphelios, Darius, Evelynn, and Master Yi (+Prestige) are now available, with five more alongside them.

Spirit Blossom Aphelios

1350 RP

“Ionians share whispered stories of the twin spirits of the night, Aphelios and Alune. It is said the darkening of the sky comes from the brother’s armaments, tearing the fabric of blues and whites apart to create an obsidian canvas painted with stars. The sister’s motives are more… mysterious.”

The splash art for Spirit Blossom Aphelios shows the siblings in a waist-high pool of water. Both Aphelios and Alune wear red and blue, respectively, moon-shaped ornaments on their hair. Alune also looks more ethereal, as she always does. The faint glow of the moon is visible behind her. The twins’ attires are very similar: Aphelios wears one mostly white with blue highlights, while Alune’s is almost fully purple. On the flavor text, Aphelios is not described as a “spirit” of any kind – a fact that only he and Sett share.

Aphelios’ skin previews have always been odd due to the nature of his abilities, and Spirit Blossom is no exception. For the most part, his guns still retain their original color, and the effects are subtle in the projectiles and particles.

The mark from Calibrum (the green gun) is circular with a magatama in the middle, consistent with the Japanese influence of Spirit Blossom. The edge showing the max range of the mark is the same, having a flower mark at the center. Severum (the red gun) Q has added vague mist effects near the edge of the effective range. The orbiting orbs from Gravitum (the purple gun) have petals, making them look like flowers. Infernum (the blue gun) has one of the least noticeable differences as it only adds sparkly mist from the gun when he auto attacks and uses the skill. Crescendum (the white gun) has a faint pink glow in the middle, and the turret the Q spawns make this more apparent.

Casting ultimate and hitting an enemy with it causes a faint image of Alune to appear, wearing the same shrine maiden attire she had in the splash art. The underlying color in this image is affected by which gun Aphelios casted his ultimate on.

Post-PBE Updates:

  • SFX were polished to reduce their sharp/metallic feeling
  • Blue color on Infernum was toned down a bit

Scarf color dependency on main hand weapon won’t be added to this skin as it is already quite colorful. No changes will be made to the hair as well – splash art shows quite different environment, atmosphere and pose to what you could see in game. Binding Moonshot (Calibrum Q) detonation mark color is not something that can be changed for the skin as Classic does not have that functionality.

Update 2

  • SFX were cleaned up further
  • Minor adjustment to face makeup was made to remove feeling of eyes being wider than on other skins (note: physical dimensions on model were not changes as they were the same as on all previous skins)

Spirit Blossom Darius

1350 RP

“Darius’ body fell to the dirt, yet another soldier’s sacrifice. But his soul would not rest. Picking up his axe just as soon as it was knocked from his mortal hand, the Spirit of War arose. A calamity motivated only towards bloodshed, Darius stalks the mortal world, searching for the thrill of battle.”

Spirit Blossom Darius was brought from the dead, and this is reflected in his splash art very well. He looks like an absolute demon swinging his axe around in the middle of the battlefield. Strands of his hair glow purple, and the Oni mask on his right shoulder emits a blue mist.

Spirit Blossom Darius’ Hemorrhage stacks are purple magatamas that orbit the enemy. When it hits five stacks, an image of the “demon” appears in a purple glow above them, and Darius gains a similar purple glow. The effects on his basic abilities are simple, the Q range is marked by faint purple circles, W is straightforward with his axe gaining a faint glow, and E only leaves a faint purple afterimage after he does the pull. The Noxian Guillotine steals the show, as the animation results in a pool of dark purple mist under the enemy.

Post-PBE Update:

  • SFX have been adjusted to give them more general presence
  • Face was adjusted to make him more grim/serious
  • Screen flash when Darius acquires 5 stacks of Hemorrhage (P) was recolored to purple
    • (bonus update: we added the same effect to Crime City Nightmare Darius!)

Spirit Blossom Evelynn

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1350 RP

“Come. Leave your flesh behind and pass into the Spirit World. Bring with you only your desires, your vices, your painful memories. Let the Spirit of Love feed on these unwanted temptations, for her hunger is ravenous. Evelynn will show you peace at last.”

Contrary to most of her skins, Spirit Blossom Evelynn almost looks serene. She stands in a pool of water holding a bunny mask, and her clothes and hair are lightly colored. Despite this, she still manages to exude seduction as the “Spirit of Love.” Her “tails” are barely visible, with only the tips showing on either side of the splash art.

Spirit Blossom Evelynn has her tendrils more visible ingame, and this is also what makes her silhouette distinct. Due to this, the pink color is more noticeable. When she has her passive activated, she’s black and blue instead. Her Q marks enemies with three Sakura Blossoms, and the spikes from successive casts are white with Sakura petals as particles. The charm mark from W has the mist-y aesthetic. When the enhanced version of her E is available, the tips of her tails glow blue. The ultimate might have a short animation, and it’s easy to miss the Spirit Blossom-ness of this skill. The bunny mask is seen at the center of the arc that she draws, while blue mist and pink cherry blossom petals fly around.

Post-PBE update:

  • Fixed some facial animation issues.
  • Fixed VFX trail from eyes overlapping with her head while in shadow form.
  • Adjusted Q to fix some issues with terrain height at certain angles.
  • Slightly increased Q flower indicator brightness.
  • Adjusted R to show the shadow form while casting.
  • Adjusted empowered E SFX to more impactful.
  • Adjusted Passive transition SFX to be more Spirit Blossom-y.

Spirit Blossom Master Yi

1350 RP

“Legends speak of Master Yi, a swordsman who took but one student in his lifetime. After an unceremonious betrayal, Yi perished– not from a blade, but from a broken heart. Now the Spirit of Legacy roams the spirit world, searching for a pupil. He is lost, anyone that joins him destined to face the same fate.”

Spirit Blossom Master Yi is shown to be mid-meditation in his splash art. His goggles take the form of a black mask with glowing portions meant to be his eyes. Yi is in the middle of a sea of swords, reminiscent of Unlimited Blade Works.

His blue sword is the most eye-catching part of Spirit Blossom Master Yi’s model. His normal attacks leave a dark blue arc, and a brighter blue particle emitting from the enemy hit. The Q turns Yi into his “spirit form,” which is primarily blue. It doesn’t make him hard to follow as the particles he leaves are quite big as he dashes from one target to another. His Meditate is simple, a green healing pillar surrounds him while a dark purple mist swirls outside. E causes flames to appear on his blade, much like the one in his splash art. Being under the effects of his ultimate, Spirit Blossom Master Yi will have faint blue and purple mist emitting from him, leaving even fainter afterimages as he runs around.

Prestige Spirit Blossom Master Yi

x Event Tokens

Prestige Spirit Blossom Master Yi removes him from the sword-ridden wasteland he was in and places him in a more tranquil, lush, and sandy landscape. The blues and purples have now been replaced by whites and pinks, and instead of a mask he wears… sunglasses.

The in-game spotlight for Prestige Spirit Blossom Master Yi is currently unavailable, but according to the bugs & feedback post made on the League PBE subreddit, the skin will have new models, textures, and VFX, on top of the new SFX on the base Spirit Blossom Master Yi.

We did get several in-game images of this skin, and it replaces his blue sword with a white and gold. This is no longer the skin’s most noticeable feature, as the purple pieces of cloth hanging from his waist are now more eye-catching and contrasted to the color of Summoner’s Rift.

Post-PBE update:

  • His jacket no longer clips onto his leg.

Spirit Blossom Aphelios, Spirit Blossom Darius, Spirit Blossom Evelynn, Spirit Blossom Master Yi (and its Prestige version) are now available after the League of Legends Patch 12.19 update.