Spurs news: Danny Green claims Tony Parker might be back sooner than expected
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Spurs news: Danny Green claims Tony Parker might be back sooner than expected

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San Antonio Spurs legend Tony Parker had a great postseason, but it was cut short by an left quadriceps muscle injury. The Frenchman averaged almost 16 points on 52.6 percent shooting in the postseason but fell with an injury in the second game against the Houston Rockets.

While many analysts went as far as saying Parker might retire, the veteran guard is on his way to be fully recovered by the middle of next season. However, his comeback might be quicker. His Spurs teammate in Danny Green spoke to the French LCI and showed optimism in the recovery process.

“He obviously had a tough injury last year,” said Green. “but he’s recovering. He’s a couple of months ahead of schedule… I don’t want to leak anything but he might be playing a lot sooner than people think he’s playing. He’s been doing his rehab like a monster, like a maniac. He’s been working out like a maniac and mentally he’s really focused and trying to get his body healthy and get it right. You’ll probably be seeing Tony playing a lot sooner than what most people expect him to be back by.”

Currently, the Spurs have very limited options at the point-guard spot. Other than the injured Parker, they have Patty Mills and the inexperienced Dejounte Murray running the point. However, knowing how the Spurs operate, Parker will not be rushed back to the court, especially due to his age and the severity of the injury he sustained.