The Kevin Durant sweepstakes are heating up big time.

The most likely outcome is that KD stays in Oklahoma City and all of these other rumors are exactly that; just rumors. Still, a number of incredibly stacked teams are reportedly interested in adding the Thunder sharp shooter to their arsenal, and they're going to make serious runs at him this summer.

The Golden State Warriors are commonly brought up in the Durant conversation (Harrison Barnes swears he doesn't take it personally. Really.)  Now, a previously unmentioned contender has entered the conversation at a peculiar time.

According to Marc Stein of ESPN, the “Spurs, league sources say, are just as intrigued as Golden State by the thought of making a run at Durant come July 1.”

Soobum Im - USA Today Sports
Soobum Im – USA Today Sports

I mean, any team would be crazy not to be interested in a top-five player like Durant if he's available, but the Spurs weren't really on the radar before. Now, in the middle of a second round series between San Antonio and OKC, they've suddenly entered the rumors. It's interesting timing, but probably more of a coincidence than anything.

ESPN's Zach Lowe had previously written that the Spurs have been “quietly discussing what kind of cap gymnastics it would take to get into the Durant derby.”

Some people believe that the outcome of this series could largely impact Durant's decision. If the Thunder fall, KD might determine that it's time to move on. If they win, at the very least, Stein believes he'll sign a two-year deal with the Thunder that has a player option for the second year.

That way, he would have at least one more chance to break through the West and win a title for the Thunder in 2017, and if things don't work out, he could leave a year later and enter free agency alongside Russell Westbrook.

When Stein proposed that idea to Durant back in February, he had an interesting reaction.

“That's probably one of the first times I've heard that one,” said Durant. “I haven't thought about contracts or free agency or none of that stuff at all really. … I haven't thought about that one. I guess I have to.”

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