Hours before, San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich said that Keldon Johnson would now come off the bench – with an insinuation that the move is long-term.

“We just want shore up that second group a little bit and we can concentrate a little more on Victor (Wembanyama) and Devin (Vassell),” the Hall of Fame coach said before Tuesday's loss to the Jazz.

And though nothing may change going forward for the fifth-year Kentucky alumnus who came off the bench for just the second time this season in the 130-118 loss to Utah, what Pop said after the game may prove as pertinent.

In talking about his team's inconsistency throughout tons of struggles, the longest-tenured coach in the NBA indicated youth is only part of the problem regarding the 4-25 record.

“Part of it is probably I need to demand from certain people it’s time they have to be more consistent or I make changes,” Popovich said.

With an adjustment having just been made to the starting line-up and with Pop threatening more changes, ClutchPoints went one-on-one with the Spurs player at the heart of the recent move who could potentially find himself in the middle of more transition.

One on One with Keldon Johnson

Keldon Johnson, Spurs

ClutchPoints: It sounded like Pop might make some changes to the starting five. Do you anticipate maybe a see-saw thing on your end – you're back in the starting line up because he's making changes?

Keldon Johnson: “I have no idea. I just go into every game locked in and prepared for anything. So if I am back in the line-up, I'll be prepared. If not, I'll be prepared. Consistency is the key, you know, prepare for every game and lock in. Whatever I'm needed to do, I can do that.”

ClutchPoints: Does you approach change because now you're the guy on the second unit?

Keldon Johnson: “No, I'm just trying to be consistent. I definitely have to be able to more aggressive with the second group and still just play my game, get involved when I need to and continue to play my game.”

ClutchPoints: You've talked all season long about how whatever the team needs, you'll do. It really has seemed that way. Is this the ultimate representation of that?

Keldon Johnson: Yeah, for sure. I don't have an ego about it. It's what my team needs. I'm willing to sacrifice for that. I have no feelings toward that. When they told me that's what they're thinking about, I said ok, ‘I trust you guys.' It's whatever you need me to do.”

Gregg Popovich on Johnson

Following the loss to the Jazz, Popovich shared a brief thought on Johnson's performance off the bench – only the fifth such time the Spurs third-leading scorer at 17.5 points per game has taken on that role over the last four seasons. And as Pop did, he couldn't help but again evoke his disappointment in his starters, allowing for a potential change.

“I think it's good. I thought that worked out well but it was mostly our starting team, I think, that let us down more than anything.”