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Collin Sexton recalls 36-year-old Tony Parker absolutely schooling him as a rookie

Cavs, Spurs, Collin Sexton, Tony Parker

The Cleveland Cavaliers star guard, Collin Sexton, was a guest on JJ Reddick’s podcast, The Old Man and the Three. They spend time conversing about what it’s like to play in the NBA, and Reddick picks Sexton’s brain about his transition into the league, including a moment with a certain Spurs legend.

During the interview, Sexton recalls a time during his rookie year where he faced San Antonio Spurs legend, Tony Parker. At the time of the story, Parker was 36 years old and was well into the back-end of his career.

In the clip, Sexton talks about guarding Tony Parker, where Sexton picked up four quick fouls in the first quarter. He proclaimed a simple, but amusing response, “How?”

The best part of the clip is JJ Reddick breaking down how Parker likely schooled Sexton on the court. The Cans guard confirms the exact sequence with laughter. It was a cool way to see how NBA players recognize each other through their tendencies. Someone like Tony Parker can use the same move throughout his career, but hardly anyone can stop it.

Sexton goes on to provide insight on how to properly watch film. For anyone interested in making it in the NBA one day, he gives solid advice. He realized the importance of properly watching film, thanks to Tony Parker’s lesson on the court.

“Just like watching film, I had to realize and understand what I’m watching. You know how some people say, ‘yeah I watch a lot of film.’ But you can watch the film but you have to really understand the film, and understand a team’s tendencies, and understand what plays they like to go with.”

Valuable insight for a 22-year-old NBA player that’s only in the third year of his career. It goes to show you that having an open mind to learn from your mistakes can ultimately lead to success.