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Spurs news: Former Cavs GM David Griffin calls Gregg Popovich a ‘unicorn off the court’

Gregg Popovich

Generally viewed as the best-run organization in the NBA, the San Antonio Spurs have been often cited by plenty of personalities around the league as the model franchise several other teams look up to. That includes former Cleveland Cavaliers general manager David Griffin, who made a recent appearance on ESPN’s “The Jump” to discuss a number of topics.

While talking about the L.A. Clippers and Doc Rivers, Griffin sidestepped a bit and mentioned how the Spurs have managed to remain consistent over the years. He went on to specifically appreciate Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich, whom Griffin referenced to as the “unicorn of the court” — as quoted by Michael Rehome of News4SanAntonio.com.

“I think Pop is a really unique thing. If Porzingis is the unicorn on the court, then Pop is the unicorn off the court.”

“This is a guy who’s number one piece is leadership and what he’s done is raise a family there and it is really what we were trying to emulate to a huge degree as well.”

It’s hard to honestly counter Griffin’s take on the five-time NBA champion coach. It’s not always that a mentor comes along and guides a team into 20-straight playoff appearances and winning five Larry O’Brien Trophies along the way.

Griffin could be considered a unicorn of sorts, too, for having helped the city of Cleveland win an extremely rare pro-sports title last year, when the Cavaliers won the franchise’s first and only NBA championship.