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Oilers player calls DeMar DeRozan a ‘little b***h’ after trade from Raptors

DeMar DeRozan, Milan Lucic

Some NHL players have opinions about how the trade went down that brought DeMar DeRozan to the San Antonio Spurs from the Toronto Raptors.

They are not upset about the trade, per se. They are upset at how DeRozan reacted to it. DeRozan is on record as saying he did not the way it happened and he felt somewhat betrayed by the Raptors organization.

In a video segment for Barstool Sports, Milan Lucic of the Edmonton Oilers had some choice words about DeRozan, telling former NHL player and host Ryan Whitney he thinks the now-Spurs player is a “b****” for how he reacted to the trade.

Lucic: I look at this whole DeRozan thing right now, and [Whitney], I heard you chirp these basketball players the whole playoffs, which is pretty funny, and the way DeRozan is being like this little …


Lucic: He’s being like a little bitter b**** at the organization for trading him for Kawhi Leonard, like literally a top five player in the league.

The full video is below.

It’s fine that professional athletes have opinions on what athletes in other sports do with their free agencies and things of that nature. But trades are never the choice of athletes, and some of them take it harder than others would.

For DeRozan to be referred to in that manner is not only insensitive, but it also ignores the fact that athletes are human beings, and are allowed to feel however they want about what happens to them if it is outside their control.