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Spurs get creative with ‘Loteria’ card schedule announcement


There are plenty of ways for NBA teams to announce their season schedule to their fans. Some simply organize it and present it as is while others look for a way to present it creatively. The San Antonio Spurs went for the latter route, and the results were nothing short of fantastic.

Candice Avila-Garcia of My San Antonio reported that the Spurs’ manner of schedule announcement was uniquely Texan and Mexican: they made a loteria deck that has all of the NBA teams in it as well as references to the Spurs’ basketball history. They didn’t come up with any gimmicks for the name; they simply named it Spurs Loteria.

For those who aren’t familiar, loteria is a game of chance that is similar to bingo. However, instead of numbered ping pong balls, players use cards with specific graphics.

The illustrations for the teams were drawn in a charmingly vintage manner and represented the teams well. Some of the drawings were direct references to the monikers: Milwaukee had a loteria card with a buck on it while the Celtics had a four-leaf clover.

Other teams saw more creative interpretations. The 76ers got the iconic pose of Rocky raising his fists in the air. The Raptors got the jeep from Jurassic Park with their logo on it and dinosaur footprints. The Phoenix Suns literally got a bright-red basketball with a face that’s raining down sun rays.

The non-team related cards had Wily Coyote donning a batsuit and a net to catch bats, the AT&T Center and the fans that fill up the seats.

It’s a hilarious way of announcing your team’s schedule. Here’s hoping that more teams would follow suit and try to give fans unique ways of presenting their schedule.