Wemba-Mania is for real. For those asking for proof, look no further than the recent sale of a rare Victor Wembanyama card that was released even before the youngster was drafted by the San Antonio Spurs.

The card, a one-of-one autographed Wembanyama SuperFractor from the Bowman University Best of ’22 ser, was sold at Goldin Auctions for a staggering $67,333. It was graded a PSA 8.5, which gives it a mint to near-mint status. Its signature is graded perfectly, though, receiving a score of 10.

What makes the card interesting, however, is that Wembanyama inscribed it with the text “1ST EVER,” making it truly one-of-its-kind memorabilia. While the Spurs rookie wasn’t in his professional uniform in the said card—he was still in his Mets 92 jersey in the photo—it certainly didn’t hinder the incredible sale of the item.

Speaking with ClutchPoints in an exclusive interview, Netflix star and Goldin Head of Revenue and Sports Consignment Dave Amerman shared that they were pleased with the result of the auction. He also expressed his belief that it was a fair deal, adding that it leaves some more room for the buyer to make money in a potential increase in value.

“I personally wasn't going into this card thinking it was going to be hundreds of thousands of dollars. I thought if we could get to 100K, that would be a very good result. I think the seller, actually I know the seller was pleased with the result,” Amerman shared.

“I think it was the right move to sell soon, but I think the price leaves a little room for the buyer as he comes out and plays. I don't think anyone's doubting that this guy is not going to be a great player. If he gets hurt or something, that could certainly be a tough purchase. But if he comes out and does what people are expecting, that actually I think would be a good buy. I think it was a fair deal on both sides.”

Considering how card prices have decreased over the past year, getting over $67,000 for a card of a player who has yet to play in the NBA and wasn’t even in his Spurs uniform yet is certainly a big W. Imagine how much more valuable Victor Wembanyama’s cards will be when his official rookie cards are released.

Of course things can change fast in the NBA card market, but Wembanyama fans, as well as sports  card collectors and investors will surely love this incredible start for Wemby memorabilia.