The San Antonio Spurs and Atlanta Hawks have been engaging in trade talks surrounding Dejounte Murray and John Collins. Aside from what the Spurs really want in a possible blockbuster for their star guard, it appears they're not even interested in Collins, either.

Per LJ Ellis of SpursTalk, the only player San Antonio actually wants from Atlanta is Onyeka Okongwu. Also, amid reports that the Spurs want three first-round picks for Murray, Ellis notes Gregg Popovich's squad is seeking four first-round picks, potentially with no protections on them. There could also be first-round pick swaps involved in place of a first-round pick:

There’s talk that the Spurs are looking to trade Murray for three first round draft picks. I’m told that is incorrect.

San Antonio’s asking price for Murray is four first round draft picks with little to no protections. Alternatively, the Spurs want three minimally protected first rounders and two unprotected first round pick swaps.

That's a ton of picks. The inclusion of Okongwu could also take the place of a first-round pick.

Murray is reportedly garnering interest from more than just the Hawks as well, with an unnamed team offering a young talent and three first-round picks to the Spurs for the All-Star, while Minnesota is also keen:

Interestingly, an insider close to the situation says that the Spurs have multiple teams making a strong push for Murray besides the Hawks. One Eastern Conference team, he says, is offering three first round draft picks and a desirable young player in a proposed swap. He also stated that the Minnesota Timberwolves have expressed serious interest in Murray.

It feels unlikely any team would actually give up that many unprotected first-rounders for Murray. The Spurs aren't fond of Collins' $125 million deal either as they see it as a liability and would rather take on Danilo Gallinari's contract.

Murray was a star for San Antonio last season en route to making his first All-Star Game. He's undoubtedly an important player for this franchise, but if the right offer comes along, they'd part ways. We'll see if that happens.