The 2021 Georgia football squad has been surrounded by much controversy. This continues to haunt the players even when they got out of college football and transitioned into their professional careers. Wide receiver George Pickens is no exception as sexual assault allegations still followed him to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Steelers wide receiver was involved in a case alongside then-teammate Adam Anderson during their 2021 campaign. A member of the Georgia football program was sexually assaulted by Anderson on October 28, 2021, per Alan Judd of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The former Georgia football linebacker had ‘penetrated' the woman without her consent after she fell asleep due to some drinks. Anderson and the former member of the staff happened to live in the same apartment complex as well. She came forward to report the incident to the authorities in hopes of getting justice.

The police had to interview George Pickens as he was allegedly accused of implicating Adam Anderson. The Steelers wide receiver then refused to answer any interview questions that involved the incident between him and his former Georgia football teammate.

Adam Anderson turned himself in after receiving an arrest warrant. Although, he pleaded not guilty to the charges placed upon him. This is not his only case of assaulting and raping someone. He is also accused of a separate case of similar nature which he also pleaded not guilty in.

It is unclear how this has affected George Pickens' career with Georgia football and the Steelers. Fans will have to find out how management reacts to this information.