Steelers news: James Conner says Antonio Brown, Le'Veon Bell departures made Pittsburgh stronger
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Steelers RB James Conner says Antonio Brown, Le’Veon Bell departures made Pittsburgh stronger

James Conner, Antonio Browns, Steelers, Le'Veon Bell

A lot of the talk surrounding the Pittsburgh Steelers this off-season has been about Antonio Brown, and Le’Veon Bell and players like James Conner haven’t been immune to the chatter.

With Bell and Brown gone, the team has been able to worry about football when on the field, and Conner thinks that their departures might help the team because they are have grown closer.

“I think only time will tell,” Steelers running back James Conner said via Pro Football Talk. “I think we became closer maybe because of everything. Throughout OTAs and minicamp, it was fun to see the guys. You know, come into the facility, excited to be there, the interactions and the relationships. They’ve all been great so far. Great vibes within our organization. We’re excited about the future, man.”

At this point, the players want to just get on the field and move past it, but there is a chance they won’t escape the talk for a few years.

The wide receivers are going to be compared to Antonio Brown and the production he brought to the team, and Conner and the rest of the backs are going to be compared to Bell.

Conner and the rest of the team know that isn’t something they can worry about, and they are just focused on the guys in the locker room.

“We always have respect for those guys,” Conner said of Brown and Bell. “Those are our former teammates. They’re great people as well as football players. Worrying about what they’re doing in their states and teams, that can’t help us none. We hope they do well and wish the best for them, but that can’t help us at all. That’s behind us.”