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Ryan Clark says Antonio Brown cussed out Dick LeBeau and Mike Tomlin did nothing

Ryan Clark, Steelers, Antonio Brown

Dick LaBeau is an NFL legend and a longtime assistant coach in the league. Former Pittsburgh Steeler Ryan Clark told of a story when Antonio Brown disrespected and even verbally abused LeBeau. It was around 2012 right when he signed a five-year extension with the team.

Clark told ESPN:

“Coming into the next practice, he just got his money, he cusses out Dick LeBeau. Coach LeBeau, somebody who Troy [Polamalu], myself, James Farrior, all respected so much that anything he ever said, there’s no reply. We almost got into a physical altercation that day, me and Antonio Brown. Because my thing was, this is not how we behave. This is not how we act. And for sure we don’t talk to Coach LeBeau that way.”

In the last game of the season, Antonio Brown did not play because he failed to show up to practice earlier that week. The Steelers ended up losing to the Cleveland Browns by a score of 16-13. It ended up causing them not to make the playoffs.

It ended up coming out that there was a lot of toxicity in their locker room. Ben Rothlesburger constantly throughout the season called out his own teammates. Brown seemed to be at the center of it all though, and there have been rumors that he’s on the trading block.

The culture within the organization needs a fresh restart. Personnel has already been changed with the firing of Joey Porter their offensive line coach. Moving forward, head coach Mike Tomlin has a lot of decisions to make.