Earlier today, a Golden State Warriors spokesman announced that Stephen Curry was to undergo a MRI on his right ankle.

Immediately, Warriors and basketball fans alike grew antsy. The idea of Curry missing any extended period of time this postseason would be awful considering the amazing individual season he had as well as what Golden State accomplished, setting the NBA record for wins at 73.

For now at least, those worries have been calmed thanks to some favorable results from the test.

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Curry attempted to warm up for Game 2 before being ruled out. The Warriors were still able to handle the Rockets, but it will only get harder as they move deeper into the playoffs.

There still is some concern because of Curry's past. At one point, his injured ankle that required surgery four years ago actually put his career in question.

For the most part, this particular injury has been surrounded by mystery. Steve Kerr isn't sure if it's just his ankle, or his foot too.

“I don't know. Honestly,” Kerr told reporters. “It's both. I mean, I'm not sure I know the difference. It's the back of his foot, it's the ankle, it's something down there.”