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Stephen A. Smith loses it when Shaq reveals his hilarious Shaqtin a Fool MVP favorite for 2021-22

Stephen A. Smith, Shaq

Shaqtin A Fool is arguably the most hilarious segment in all of the NBA. Like ever. This is exactly why ESPN golden boy Stephen A Smith could not hold back the laughter when Shaq revealed who he believes will take the Sahqtin MVP crown in 2022.

O’Neal was a guest on Smith’s First Take program recently and they had a handful of serious matters to discuss. However, the pair ended the interview literally laughing out loud as Shaq shared his pick for this coming season’s Shaqtin MVP:

Stephen A Smith is one of the most professional broadcasters in the business, but even he could not help but burst into laughter after hearing Shaq’s response. For what it’s worth, Otto Porter is definitely still in the league. He recently signed with the Golden State Warriors as a free agent and he will look to make an impact for the Dubs this coming season.

In case you aren’t familiar with the specific play Smith was talking about above (or if you are and just want to see it again) then here it is for your viewing pleasure:

Otto Porter is going to have to do much better than that for the Warriors this season. Otherwise, he’ll find himself on Shaqtin a Fool yet again and Shaquille O’Neal’s bold prediction might just come true.