As Stephen A. Smith and Terrell Owens exchanged words on Twitter, Mavericks star guard Kyrie Irving inserted himself in the conflict as a mediator to their conflict. As Stephen A. Smith threatened to expose Terrell Owns on his podcast “The Stephen A. Smith Show”, Irving took to his Twitter to chime in.

@stephenasmith can y’all Call each other like Grown Mature Men and Clear the air without all of the extra social media back and forth,” Irving asked. “Get what you need off your chest and move on.”

Stephen A. Smith quoted Irving's tweet and said, “Respectfully bro, you don’t know the whole story. I have nothing to say to his sorry pathetic ass — but that doesn’t mean you’re wrong! You are right bro! I’m man enough to admit that. I will stand down.”

The war of words with Owens started after Smith's appearance on The Joe Budden Podcast where he spoke about Max Kellerman's departure from the show in 2021. Smith said that he felt as if his time on the program with had run its course and that he wished nothing but the best for his former partner. Owens quote tweeted a tweet that showed the clip of his 2019 appearance on First Take saying, “Sometimes, Max almost seems blacker than you Stephen A.” alleging that the incident was the reason that Kellerman was taken off of First Take saying “FACTS!!!!”

Smith then issued a series of tweets threatening to expose Owens on his podcast for a private incident that happened between them at ESPN. Owens has since been pushing Stephen A. Smith to do the episode exposing their issue, saying he has nothing to hide.