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Stephen Curry joins special Tai Chi exhibition in China

Stephen Curry

While touring in China as part of the Under Armour Basketball Camp, Stephen Curry made a brief stop in Hangzhou. Despite his very busy schedule, he still found time to take part in a special exhibition of a martial art that he has also learned in the past.

The former back-to-back MVP was seen participating in the session together with his younger brother, Dallas Mavericks guard Seth Curry. The Golden State Warriors star then said in an interview with Laurence Scott of NBA Soundsystem that he will look to add it once again to his pre-game routine as it helps him to focus more while helping out with his balance.

“It works on my balance, my focus. He makes it look so easy, but it’s pretty hard even though we’re moving pretty slow.

“Definitely have to bring that back to the pregame routine next year so I got some more ammo to work with.”

It may not be one of the more common practices for players to do before games, but with Tai Chi being an internal martial art, it could definitely work wonders for someone who wants to dig deep to his core and have a firmer center of interest. It can also help him ease his mind during the long and tough grind of an NBA season.