The likelihood of Stephen Curry getting suspended for Game 7 of the NBA Finals after throwing his mouthpiece and hitting a fan on Thursday night is pretty much zero. With so much on the line, from the Warriors‘ 73-win season to LeBron‘s legacy in the Finals to so much more, the NBA wouldn't dare suspend the two-time MVP unless the act was much more egregious.

Also, according to CBS Sports' Ken Berger, he has precedence on his side. A league source told Berger that Curry will likely be fined, not suspended for the mouthpiece-hurling incident based on punishments laid down in the past.

Players have been suspended for throwing their mouth-guards before, but in both cases an official was struck by the object. It happened to Amir Johnson back in 2012, and as well as Udonis Haslem in the 2006 playoffs.

When the objects have gone into the crowd, fines have been issued in the past.

Of course, this wasn't an ordinary fan. The man hit with Curry's mouthpiece was Andrew Forbes, son of Cleveland Cavaliers minority owner Nate Forbes. Curry did apologize, according to Jason Lloyd.

UPDATE: Indeed, Curry and head coach Steve Kerr were each fined $25,000 for their actions during and after Game 6.

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