The Miami Heat may have had their season end on Sunday, but it doesn't mean they're not already looking ahead.

Stephen A. Smith of ESPN reports that the Heat have big plans this offseason. They not only plan to re-sign Dwyane Wade—they intend on going after two of the biggest names on the free agent market.

“They expect to have in excess of $30 million in cap space, $30 million-plus in this offseason. They are going to chase Kevin Durant unless the Cavaliers win in the Finals and LeBron James decides he wants to move on and possibly come back to Miami. They are going to take care of those priorities first. Obviously, they're going to try to re-sign Hassan Whiteside, but Dwyane Wade is clearly in their plans.”

The thought of LeBron James possibly going back to Miami conjures up memories of the Heat's dominance over the NBA during his four-year tenure there. They went to four straight Finals, won two of them and embarked on a historic 27-game win streak in 2012-13.

And if the Heat don't sign James, it's clear that Kevin Durant will be in Pat Riley's plans heading into July.

As far as Wade is concerned, Smith sounded confident that No. 3 will remain in Miami:

“I think they are going to try to retain him. I think he has the desire to be retained. He doesn't want to wear another uniform other than the Miami Heat. He is certainly averse to moving on, but at the same time he's gonna want to be compensated for his services.”

In other words, Heat Nation has plenty to look forward to in the coming months.

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