Steph Curry has announced that he will sit out of the Summer Olympics this year in order to give his body more time to heal. Curry made the announcement Monday morning and cited recent “ankle and knee injuries” as major factors in his decision.

Of course, no one was happier to hear this news than Warriors’ head coach, Steve Kerr.

“I was not consulted, that's Steph's decision,” Kerr told reporters Tuesday, when asked if he'd had anything to do with Curry's decision.

“As his coach, I'm pleased. He needs rest. Two straight years going to the Finals, he's had injuries not only this year but in the past. I think rest will serve him really well, but it's up to each individual player if he wants the experience or not.”

After dealing with numerous ankle injuries early in his career, Curry has been able to remain fairly durable since the 2012-13 season. Since then, he has only missed 13 regular season games. Unfortunately, he has also missed six games this postseason due to similar injuries.

As back-to-back MVP and the star player on a team with a chance to win multiple championships, not only does he deserve some rest, but also it’s probably the wisest decision if he wants to limit risk of injury for next season.

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