The Tyson Fury vs. Oleksandr Usyk saga continues. After it appeared there was solid progress being made for a heavyweight title unification fight on April 29 with the purse split now agreed to by both parties, there's a new development now.

On Monday, Fury released a video stating he was upping the stakes and wanted the fight to have no rematch clause as he claimed Usyk's side were requesting.

“Usyk's people are talking about rematch clauses and all that bollocks. Here's one to up the ante — how about there is no f*****g rematch clause for both of us?” the WBC heavyweight champion proposed. “Let's up the ante completely. Never worry about what's in the future or how many more dollars you can get after you've been defeated.

“Worry about the fight. April 29th. No rematch clause. Winner takes the glory, the loser goes home. How about that that? Agree to that, you f*****g b***h.”

It didn't take long for Usyk to respond:

“Greedy belly, rematch clause comes from your side, not mine. Stop whining and ducking, be a man. Ink the contact or vacate the belt. I need undisputed and not to play your stupid games.”

Given how things have gone, it wouldn't be a surprise to see Tyson Fury make another demand after this with Oleksandr Usyk agreeing to it.

One thing is for sure — Fury is not doing himself any favors with many on social media now firmly believing he is doing his utmost to duck Usyk.