Since you play as a cat, Stray allows you to scratch on different things: posts, trees, blankets, etc. Learn why you should keep scratching in the game in our Stray Guides.

Stray Guides: What does Scratching Do?

In Stray, players take on environmental and context-based puzzles to be able to progress. Objects and things can be interacted with using the 🔺 / Y button, and when you get close enough, a button prompt would appear to let you know that the cat and the droid B-12 can interact with it. Sometimes, when you press this button, the cat would pose with both of its paws stretched out, and then the left and right trigger buttons would appear on your screen, prompting you to press them. Hit both bumpers alternatingly at a quick pace and the cat would start scratching at the thing you've just interacted with – may it be a surface, a scratch post, a couch, a blanket, or a carton – you name it.

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Since the game isn't an RPG, you don't exactly get any stats boost for scratching against stuff here. You don't get a damage boost for your newly-sharpened claws. But it's actually a good practice to scratch at everything you see that you can scratch in Stray. Here's why:

  • Puzzle-Solving – Most of the things you'll scratch won't affect the game in any way. However, there are times that scratching at stuff would lead to the progression of the game. Don't believe that curiosity killed the cat – use your inquisitiveness in scratching everything you see in your way. You might be able to open drawers by pulling some blankets, or open windows by pulling down curtains, giving you new traversal options or paths.
  • Open Doors – Scratching on doors will have robots opening them, or at the very least, get a reaction from them on the sound you make.
  • Territory – There's also an Achievement tied to scratching every opportunity you get. Well, actually, not at every opportunity – but the Achievement “Territory” gets unlocked when you succeed in scratching at least once in every chapter of the game. So, keep scratching that scratch post for that Stray Platinum Trophy!
Stray Xbox Release Soon Series X One

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Stray is out now on PS4, PS5, and PC. The game is free as part of this month's PlayStation Plus Extra subscription service. For more Stray Guides, click here. For our Stray Review, click here.