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Suns’ Chris Paul claims getting vaccinated is ‘personal’ for NBA players

Chris Paul, Suns

Phoenix Suns point guard Chris Paul recently voiced his opinion regarding the emergence of COVID-19 vaccines and the possibility of them being made mandatory for players.

As president of the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA), the veteran playmaker claimed the union will have discussions about this situation. CP3 noted that vaccinations are “personal” to players:

“We’ll address that when it comes as far as a union and players,” Paul said, via Mark Medina of USA TODAY Sports. “But when it comes to all different types of vaccines, a lot of that stuff is personal.”

Some players have already spoken out with questions about these new vaccines, and there are going to be plenty of conversations about how to proceed with them.

The upcoming season won’t be played in a bubble like the end of this last season. Teams will continue to host games on their home floor and travel to other states for road games similar to pre-pandemic proceedings, and there will be limited fans in some arenas.

Going back to this more traditional setting opens up more opportunities for players and other team personnel to test positive for COVID-19, and we’ve already seen a number of players miss practice and preseason games due to COVID-related issues.

On the floor, the 10-time All-Star already saw action for his new team in the Suns. Paul sat out their preseason opener against the Utah Jazz due to soreness in his right ankle, but eventually made an appearance in the following game against the same opponent.

The veteran recorded five points, two boards, and six dimes through 17 minutes played for the Suns, who succumbed to the Jazz in two consecutive tilts. Chris Paul and the rest of his team will have a couple of preseason encounters against the Los Angeles Lakers before they host the Dallas Mavericks to open the season on Dec. 23.