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Suns’ Devin Booker avoids awkward plane ride to Tokyo after NBA Finals loss to Bucks

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Things didn’t end quite how the Phoenix Suns envisioned. Game 6 went to the Milwaukee Bucks, as did the NBA title, as Giannis Antetokounmpo exploded for a 50-piece to take home the Finals MVP. For Suns guard Devin Booker, he is off to the Tokyo Olympics to play for Team USA and will be playing alongside the Bucks duo of Khris Middleton and Jrue Holiday.

It looked as if the three would ride together, which would’ve been extremely awkward after the way the Finals ended. As it turns out, Booker headed out as early as he possibly could. (h/t Duane Rankin of the AZ Central)

“During the NBA Finals, Booker said he’d be on the “next thing smoking” headed to the Summer Olympics after the series ended. After Tuesday’s Game 6 loss in Milwaukee, Booker said he was scheduled to fly to Tokyo “in a couple of hours.”’

Smart choice. Processing a loss in the NBA Finals is tough as it is. Now imagine having to process that on a plane ride with two players who just beat you for the NBA title.

Booker has nothing to be ashamed about after a spectacular performance in the playoffs. However, the Suns fell short, and the young star was kicking himself afterward. While having to play with Holiday and Middleton could be tough, Booker isn’t worried about that.

“Representing your country is a whole different dynamic than competing against each other in the NBA Finals, but I can always respect somebody that competes at the highest level.”

By now, it is no secret that Team USA could definitely use the influx of talent. Bradley Beal went into health and safety protocols, and Kevin Love withdrew from the team. JaVale McGee and Keldon Johnson were named as replacements, and now three players from the NBA Finals will be joining.

The Tokyo Olympics start on Friday, July 23, and Booker will get settled in a bit earlier as the Bucks duo celebrates their title a bit longer.