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Devin Booker fires back perfectly at ESPN SportsCenter graphic about scoring 70+ points

Suns, Devin Booker

Phoenix Suns guard Devin Booker joined a very special club a couple of years ago, when he scored 70 points in a game. While the moment itself is unforgettable for many, it seems as if ESPN might have. Taking to social media, Booker had the perfect response for a recent tweet that went up regarding the upcoming NBA season.

Heading into the 2019-20 NBA season, SportsCenter asked who is most likely to score 70-points in a game, asking which member of the photo would join the 70-point club. The photo itself included the likes of James Harden, Stephen Curry, Booker, Damian Lillard, Giannis Anteteokunmpo, and Kyrie Irvin.

Devin Booker – already being a member of the club – jokingly took to social media to correct the issue. Quoting the original tweet, Booker simply said “rejoin,” showing that he knows that as of now, he’s the only one in the club. It’s a joke, but one that carries a load of truth with it, as Booker was somewhat surprisingly the one to score 70 before any of the other greats in the game.

Heading into the upcoming NBA season, Booker will now be trying to turn things around for the Phoenix Suns. After signing Ricky Rubio and a handful of other free agents during the offseason, the team is looking to finally begin contending in a crowded Western Conference once again.

With new head coach Monty Williams at the helm, and with Booker looking to continue developing into one of the league’s top talents, the Suns will be hoping that there are many more accolades to come.