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JaVale McGee makes ‘snake’ reference to Chris Paul’s role with Suns

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Superstar point guard Chris Paul was a big part of JaVale McGee’s decision to join the Phoenix Suns.

The Point God’s virtuoso performance in the Suns’ road to the NBA Finals made a lasting mark on McGee. And in a recent episode of “Club Shay Shay” with Shannon Sharpe, the three-time NBA champion couldn’t help but gush over the impact Paul has made on other big men, along with his leadership for the Suns.

“Every big man that has ever played with Chris Paul has done well. I just feel like Chris Paul is definitely the head of the snake and he’s definitely going to lead us to the finals again.”

The list of centers that thrived playing alongside Paul includes Tyson Chandler, DeAndre Jordan, Clint Capela, and Deandre Ayton.

Chandler and Paul made noise for the New Orleans Hornets. Jordan earned an All-NBA First Team selection in 2016. Capela took home a big payday after one season of playing with CP3. Most recently, Ayton made his first trip to the NBA Finals with Paul calling the shots on the floor.

Paul is regarded as one of the best leaders in the NBA today. His top-notch professionalism was also highlighted when he got traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder. Any other star could’ve sulked and demanded a way out, but Chris Paul took everything in stride. He even led OKC to an NBA Playoff appearance.

His impact on the Suns was recognized further when he signed a four-year deal worth $120,000,000. JaVale McGee couldn’t be more excited to run the floor with one of the greatest point guards ever.