Suns news: Markieff Morris, Mike James applaud Phoenix for firing Ryan McDonough
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Markieff Morris, Mike James say it’s ’bout time’ Suns fired Ryan McDonough

Markieff Morris, Mike James, Ryan McDonough

With news recently breaking regarding the firing of Phoenix Suns general manager Ryan McDonough, a couple of ex-Suns players have taken to Twitter to show their support for this very recent shakeup within the organization​​.

This comes in the form of Washington Wizards forward Markieff Morris and former Suns guard Mike James, who were both members of the team during McDonough’s tenure.


Morris was traded by Phoenix in February 2016 to the Wizards amidst reports that the 6-foot-10 power forward had grown unhappy with the front office for trading his twin brother, Marcus, to the Detroit Pistons the previous summer. Based on how Morris reacted to the sudden departure of McDonough, it seems that there may be some truth behind this story.

For his part, James only spent a couple of months with the Suns before being waived by the team in December of last year. He was initially signed on as a two-way player last summer before the deal was converted to a regular contract in December. Despite his brief stint in Phoenix, it appears that James does hold some bitterness towards McDonough.

This is likely just part of the first wave of reactions from both former and current members of the Suns following the big news. McDonough was not exactly the most loved GM in the league, and it would not be surprising if a good number of notable personalities also publicly share the same sentiments with Morris and James.