Team Heretics broke the hearts of the Chinese fans in attendance at the VALORANT Champions Tour 2024: Masters Shanghai (2024 VCT Masters Shanghai) after they eliminated FunPlus Phoenix (FPX) from the tournament.

The EMEA team sent the home crowd team packing as Team Heretics won their series 2-1.

Team Heretics started the series splendidly, overpowering FunPlus Phoenix in Sunset. They unfortunately lost the second game on Lotus but were able to come up big time in Icebox to seal the deal.

Mert “Wo0t” Alkan was the player of this series as he had more than 70 kills, finishing with a 77/49/13 KDA and a series 316 average combat score (ACS).

For FunPlus Phoenix's side, both Qu “Life” Donghao and Zhang “AAAAY” Yangboth Qu “Life” Donghao and Zhang “AAAAY” Yang had 50-kill performances. Life finished the series 56/58/15 while AAAAY had 55/44/15.

Having faced two Chinese teams in the tournament, Enes “RieNs” Ecirli commended the Chinese region in the post-match interview. He states, “I think China is better than I expected. I really enjoyed playing against Chinese teams, especially [against] FPX. That game was so fun to play.”

Furthermore, he confesses FunPlus Phoenix was a formidable opponent. He states, “It was a little bit scary because they were actually good.”

Team Heretics Extinguishes FunPlus Phoenix Early in Sunset

Team Heretics started the series by extinguishing FunPlus Phoenix early in Sunset, winning the game in an astounding 13-4 scoreline.

After winning the first two rounds and losing their bonus round, Team Heretics went on a tear as they proceeded to win eight straight rounds in the first half, ending it 10-2 prior to halftime.

In the second half, Team Heretics secured map point in the 14th round. Then, FunPlus Phoenix added two rounds on the board for themselves before Team Heretics eventually closed the game in the next round after.

In this map, Wo0t was a beast like no other on Sunset, finishing the game with 27 kills with a jaw-dropping 401 average combat score.

FunPlus Phoenix Rises From The Ashes in Lotus

After winning at Sunset, Team Heretics stumbled on the second game of the series as FunPlus Phoenix rose from the ashes and took Lotus 13-6.

As if karma came back to bite them, Team Heretics were demolished by FunPlus Phoenix in the first half. The Chinese representatives took an early four-round lead at the start of the game, successfully converting it to an 8-4 lead prior to halftime.

Leading the vengeful phoenixes, Life proved to be the better Raze on Lotus between him Wo0t. As the stats reveal, Life finished the second game on Lotus 22 kills in comparison to Wo0t's mere 13 kills.

A Thriller Overtime in Icebox

With the series tied, it all culminated in a thriller third game on Icebox featuring multiple overtimes. In the end, it was Team Heretics that prevailed as they took Icebox 17-15.

Going against FPX's triple controller setup featuring Clove, Team Heretics exploited the gaps on FunPlus Phoenix's weak defensive capabilities. As such, Team Heretics took the first half with ease, going 10-2 prior to halftime.

However, FunPlus Phoenix did not back down and refused to go out without a fight. In the second half, FunPlus Phoenix showcased what their triple controller setup with Clove, Harbor, and Omen is capable of. After losing the third round of the second half, FPX had an eight-round win streak which could have given them the map win if it were not for Team Heretics winning the 24th round to force overtime.

With both teams refusing to lose, multiple overtimes were played as Team Heretics and FunPlus Phoenix did not want to exit the Masters Shanghai. In the end, Team Heretics won the fourth set of overtime, thereby clinching their playoff spot and eliminating FunPlus Phoenix in the 2024 VCT Masters Shanghai.

Team Heretics in the Playoffs

As a result of their series, Team Heretics joins 100 Thieves, EDward Gaming, FNATIC, Paper Rex, Gen.G, G2 Esports, and the winner of the Leviatan versus FUT Esports match in the playoffs.

As for FunPlus Phoenix, they sadly exit Masters Shanghai together with Dragon Ranger Gaming, who exited the tournament yesterday after falling to FUT Esports. This unfortunately leaves EDward Gaming as the sole Chinese representative left in the Masters Shanghai.

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