In the latest edition of The Legend of Zelda games, Tears of the Kingdom, there is a totally new area that can be explored: the Depths. In this article, we'll guide you on how to get to the Depths of The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

How to Get to the Depths in The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Once you have gone through The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom tutorial, you'll be able to explore Hyrule's vast lands. From there, you can see familiar sights you have already seen in Breath of the Wild like the Zonai shrines and the Chasms. As the name implies, Chasms are big holes that can be found on the ground that have opened up in Hyrule. They can easily be seen from the sky due to their intense darkness and are surrounded by a reddish hue that is also known as gloom. You can jump right into the gigantic hole and be sure to be well-equipped and stocked with items you'll need because you're in the Depths.

There are two defining characteristics of the Depths which are darkness and gloom. The only light sources that you will find in the Depths are small fire sources which are usually around enemy encampments. For you to get to explore the Depths, you must find ways through the gloom. One effective way to be able to do this will be to seek out undead horses that are roaming around the area. You will find it easy to mount as they behave the same way as normal horses do. Take note that undead horses are completely immune to the effects of gloom.

While it is very interesting to go to the Depths, curiosity may have gotten the best of you, and you don't actually have a contingency plan to get out. Lucky for you, there is a quick and easy way to leave the Depths and even though it may not seem like it, the Depths are connected to the mainland and the skies. With that being the case, you can just pull out your Purah Pad to Fast Travel to any unlocked point on any map once you're done getting your scout's Depth Explorer badge.

What you'll find in the Depths

Since Chasms have opened up all over the land of Hyrule, it's inevitable to find different creatures that have probably fallen in and were consumed or overtaken by the gloom making them stronger and more resilient. If you think that Bokoblin encampments in Hyrule are a big pain in the behind, well wait until you encounter one in the Depths. Luckily, the reddish aura that we talked about earlier is what will make them easy to spot from a distance in the dark so that you can prepare accordingly. Fire Brightbloom Arrows nearby without gathering attention so you can have better surveillance of the area. You'll also be able to spot useful objects like explosive crates to get the drop on the camp.

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The Depths are an entirely new map that shares similarities with the Skies and the Mainland. The most important similarity is their version of Lookout Points that manifest as Lightroots in the Darkness. Make your way to the root and you'll see a hand symbol underneath. Interacting with this will light up a huge portion of the map and provide you with a Fast Travel point. While it may seem like approaching and getting to Lightroots can be dangerous, we can assure you that the surrounding space is free of enemies.

Another thing that you can find in the Depths is Ruins of their own. Early on, you will get a quest from Josha and Robbie about seeking out ancient murals in the Depths which is a photo-based quest. If you finally decide to take this on and explore the area without following the questline, you should investigate in the Depths any ruins you find. Statues would usually prompt that you have found a ruin nearby and you can use pins to track them during visits to the Depths. When you do come across murals or distinctive carvings of sorts, make sure to take a photo with the Purah Pad.

What you'll get in the Depths

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While there are quests that you can accomplish in the Depths, another important reason to explore the dark, spooky area is to get all the collectibles you can find. In the Depths, you can find the very valuable Zonaite which is used for Zonai-related upgrades and purchases. You can find deposits of Zonaite scattered in the area usually near rocky structures. Other sources of Zonaite are enemies like large Salamanders drop Zonaite when they are killed.

There is weaponry that can also be collected around the Depths. When you find ghostly figures that are standing still, holding a kind of weapon, you can approach them safely and collect the weapon as usual. These items are in pristine condition that has full durability and can sometimes also be imbued with bonus effects so make sure to keep an eye out for these Weapon Phantoms that are highly effective in the game.

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