The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom mounts vary, so you will definitely need a guide. While some may take a while to discover, you will still need aid in exploring the vast lands of Hyrule. In this article, we help you find all possible guides that you can use to help you better in your journey.

Available Mounts in Tears of the Kingdom

There are several methods to get the different mounts in The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. While you can get common ones in the wild, there are some special horses or mounts that we will focus on for this guide.


Link's trusty horse can easily be summoned by scanning a Link Amiibo with your Nintendo Switch. If you don't have one, you can find Epona at the very first stable that you can visit at the New Serenne Stable which is northwest of Lookout Landing. There will be some requirements for you to finish before being able to head out to that area. Purah will keep telling you to head northwest to Hebra before the others. When you are finally able to visit the stable, all you have to do is simply talk to the proprietor who will allow you to borrow a horse and you will see Epona readily available for you. Take note that Epona will have a 0 Pull stat which means she can't pull any object or cart for you.

Wild Horses in Fields

While exploring the lands of Hyrule, you're bound to encounter several different horses grazing in the fields. Normally, you will have to press the left thumbstick to enter stealth mode. You will then approach the horse while crouch-walking to get behind a horse and press A to mount it. In most cases, the horse will try to throw you off and you will have to press the L button repeatedly to get it to calm down.

Another method to successfully tame a horse for you to mount is to attach an Ice Fruit to an arrow. Target a horse then shoot it with the projectile to cause a freezing effect. Approach the horse that has been frozen and mount it up and remember to calm it down by pressing the L button.

Wild Horses Used by Enemies

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Bokoblins would be on horses from time to time. All you have to do is to shoot them down with your bow to make them fall off. The horses that they are on should gallop away for a short distance and you may then attempt to mount them up.

Skeletal Horses

In the Outskirts Stable southwest of Lookout standing, an NPC will tell you about Skeletal Horses in nearby Sanidin Ruins. They will only appear at night and you should be able to ride one. Unfortunately, you can't register this particular undead animal in any Stable but despite this being the case, perhaps you would still want to explore the lands of Hyrule while riding these majestic undead beasts.

Other Animal Mounts

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Other than horses, there are other types of creatures that you can use in The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom which includes bears, deer, and other animals. Make sure that you explore the open world of Hyrule and be surprised at what creatures are there for you to utilize.

Side Quests Related to Mounts

After getting your desired mount, you will be able to register it in any stable and this will lead to a short sidequest where an NPC attempts to repair the one in Lookout Landing. You can help out by using the Ultrahand to grab and place the wooden roof to finish the repairs. After a while, the old man will tell you that his horse, Spot, ran off. You will find this particular horse on a small hill just south of Lookout Landing along with the other horses that are grazing nearby. You'll know who Spot is given that he is covered in… Spots (just like a Dalmatian). Return the horse to the old man and he will say that he can be yours.

There are a lot of things that you can explore in the vast world of Hyrule and the Floating Islands so make sure that you maximize your stay at the latest game of The Legend of Zelda, Tears of the Kingdom. If you are still not convinced why you should pick up the game, make sure to check out the review scores of one of the best games in 2023 so far. More on the Tears of the Kingdom Mounts Guide and others here on ClutchPoints Gaming!