The quantity of fights won is not just the measurement that decides how good a fighter is. It is the quality of other champions and legends that they have faced. Beating another boxer in their prime or in the twilight of their career matters in talking about legacy. Canelo Alvarez is looking to stir up a quality fight against Terence Crawford. But, his claim using Errol Spence Jr. may smell like beef.

Canelo Alvarez just wants all the smoke against Terence Crawford. But, none of his criticisms about Crawford seem to work. Bud could only reply to Alvarez's call out by laughing at the tired comment on his X account.

“Here we go with the I haven’t fought nobody but Spence talk. Lol, y’all are so delusional it’s crazy,” Crawford wrote.

Notably, this came after Canelo made a huge proclamation on TMZ about the quality of fighters that Bud has squared up against. “


Nathanial Duffett ·

“No, look, like I always said, I respect Terence Crawford. He's a very talented fighter but he just won one big fight,” Alvarez said pointing out the difference between other fighters from Errol Spence Jr. He also pleaded for fans to look at the cards that Terence Crawford fought in, “If you see his record, he just beat one good fighter in Errol Spence. Other than that, I don't think he's beaten other great fighters like Spence.”

Will these two get the chance to prove their statements on the ring? Who would you take between Bud and Canelo?