Texans news: DeAndre Hopkins labels Trump as 'close-minded' on Anthem issue
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Texans WR DeAndre Hopkins labels Trump as ‘close-minded’ on Anthem issue

DeAndre Hopkins

Welcome to the latest edition of the madness we’ve all come to know in some form as the NFL-National Anthem issue.

In this edition, Houston Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins labels President Donald Trump as “close-minded,” via Jay Busbee of Yahoo! Sports.

“I think Trump is more closed-minded and he thinks the reason that we’re kneeling is because of the flag,” he said. “When that’s, like, not at all the reason we’re kneeling.”

Once the story hit Twitter and the Yahoo! Sports NFL account tagged @DeAndreHopkins in its tweet, D-Hopkins and another individual experienced a short back-and-forth regarding the issue.

Twitter user @johnnulzheimer suggested Hopkins should make his point during some time and in some place that’s not on company time, during the NFL’s time.

Hopkins responded.

Putting aside social media garbage, this kid’s a flat-out NFL stud.

Hopkins, 26, is coming off a tremendous season. He compiled 1,378 yards and 13 scores on 96 grabs, earning a prestigious spot on the First-Team NFL AP All-Pro list in 2017. Two years prior, he tallied an incredible 1,521 yards and 11 touchdowns on 111 receptions, accounting for his other Pro Bowl season.

With the recent changes the NFL’s attempted to put forth on those who kneel during the National Anthem, DeAndre Hopkins and colleagues will be thrust into the spotlight regarding the very interesting issue at hand.