Texans news: Keke Coutee is hungry for success right now
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Keke Coutee is hungry for success

Houston Texans

Anyone know a great BBQ joint in Texas that’s open during the pandemic? Because Texans wide receiver Keke Coutee is definitely hungry. Very hungry, in fact.

Coutee was a breakout star during his rookie campaign back in 2018. During his very first game, the man caught 11 passes off the bat, which was the most made by a player during their debut since the AFL – NFL merger way back in 1970. The man seemed isn’t phased by the professional spotlight.

But last year was a different story. Not only did he miss some time due to nagging ankle and hamstring injuries, but he was pretty unproductive during his time on the field.

But NBC Sports reports that he’s more than pumped to have a comeback season. Here’s what he said when asked how he felt about the upcoming season.

“Very hungry, very hungry,” the Texans talent told the Houston Chronicle. “Not a lot of talking, just ready to work. Results speak for themselves in 2020. I’m just trying to get back to the basics, getting back to what I’m good at and fix the things I need to work on and, most importantly, be ready for the season.”

The receiving corps of the Texans will look drastically different with the departure of DeAndre Hopkins, and new faces such as Brandin Cooks and Randall Cobb taking his place.

Coutee will definitely have an opportunity to make an impact given the shuffling of personnel, but he has to perform well if he wants to solidify his place on the Texans.