The official cover reveal of the new EA Sports NCAA 2025 college football video game was released on Thursday, and the three cover athletes are Texas football quarterback Quinn Ewers, Colorado football defensive back/wide receiver Travis Hunter and Michigan football running back Donovan Edwards. The release date of the game was also announced as it will be coming out on July 19th. Longhorns fans, Buffaloes fans and Wolverines fans were all fired up to see one of their players gracing the cover of the new game.

College football fans everywhere can't wait for the new EA Sports NCAA 2025 video game to come out, and they don't have to wait much longer. Seeing the official cover reveal was a sign that the game is also here.

The three cover athletes make sense. Texas football QB Quinn Ewers is the most well-known QB coming into the season and he is certainly one of the best. Colorado football star Travis Hunter is undeniably one of the best players in college football, and he can do it all on offense and defense. Lastly, Michigan football RB Donovan Edwards is a national champion, and he had a monster game is last year's national championship game as he ran for two long touchdowns.

Ewers, Hunter and Edwards traveled to the Cotton Bowl to do their photo shoot for the cover, and the three of them got to spend a good amount of time together. Ewers obviously got to work with Hunter during the photoshoot, and he had a lot of good things to say about the Colorado star after the shoot.

“I’m not sure if they’re going to put anyone at 99, but if they do I think he’ll be the closest to it,” Ewers said in regards to Hunter, via MMG/YT. “His overall ability on offense, defense, and special teams… he can do it all.”

Everyone has been wondering what rating each player is going to get and who will have the highest one. Ewers wouldn't be surprised at all if Hunter ends up getting the 99.

Travis Hunter can do it all

Colorado's Travis Hunter runs the ball during a Colorado football spring game
© Logan Newell/The Coloradoan / USA TODAY NETWORK

Quinn Ewers was right when he said that Travis Hunter can do it all, and we saw that on full display last season as he played both DB and WR. Last season, Hunter racked up 31 total tackles on defense, he had five passes defended and he also had three interceptions. The Colorado football defense wasn't a great, but Hunter was definitely one of the lone bright spots.

On offense, Hunter shined as well. He was the most explosive weapon that the Buffaloes had last year and he hauled in 57 receptions for 721 yards, and he found the end zone five times.

Travis Hunter was undeniably one of the best players in college football last season, and he is expected to be one of the best this upcoming season as well. Colorado had a rough year last season and they ended up finishing in last place in the Pac-12. If they want to improve this year, they will need a big year out of Hunter, and also out of a lot of other players.