Teamfight Tactics is planning to release soon its most heroic or downright devious, newest and its 8th set, Monster Attack! From gizmos and gadgets to dragons dominating the board, we will be looking at heroes and villains as the main theme for the next expansion. Riot Games will be introducing new mechanics in the game, especially tweaking augments to add Hero Augments to match the theme. The developers stated that “The only thing a champion needs to become a hero is a Hero Augment.” We will take a quick peek on how these Hero Augments work in the upcoming patch 12.23 for TFT Set 8, Monsters Attack!.

Hero Augments

The new mechanic, Hero Augments, will allow players to chose from three choices to make one champion the “hero” or can become the center piece of your composition. All champions will have 2  unique specific Hero Augments for each of them. Some Hero Augments will make one champion the carry of your team, while some of the hero augments will support the entirety of your team. Each game of TFT will definitely be different since the choices for Hero Augments will be shuffled, while each champion having 2 augments. This will make the game more interesting every single time, even having weird combinations of Augments.

Of course, the game would still give the player the best options possible to match your current board state with the comp you already have. You will always receive a copy of the champion with the chosen Hero Augment, so this will also possibly set up most of team comps that might be missing that specific piece. Like regular augments from the past 2 sets, there will be a total of 3 choices to choose from, with all the same cost for each champion, ranging from units plus or minus one gold. This will still make everything balanced but flexible to choose Augments from.

The Hero Augments will still be offered in a fashion of having the lesser cost units to be offered in the early stages of the game, the middle cost ones to be in the middle point of the game, and having hero augments of high cost units in the late game. If you want to make a low cost unit as your center piece, you better plan on high rolling for it at the start of the game. There’s a special case for Threat units but that will be for later.

Here are some of the samples for Hero Augments in the game:

Gangplank, 1-cost, Get Paid

Gangplank’s supportive Augment has an econ twist that’ll have players living out the pirate fantasy of collecting piles o’ gold.

“When Gangplank or his allies kill an enemy, they have a 25% chance to drop 2 gold. Gain a Gangplank.”

Yasuo, 2-cost, Spirit of the Exile

This support Augment allows your whole team to live the lone samurai’s edgelord fantasy.

“Yasuo and his allies gain 25% Attack Speed if they start combat with no adjacent allies. Gain a Yasuo.”

Jinx, 2-cost, Get Excited!

Classic Jinx gets a classic carry Hero Augment.

“When Jinx gets a takedown, she gains 100% bonus Attack and Move Speed for 5 seconds.

Gain a Jinx.”

Nilah, 3-cost, Gifted

Nilah’s carry Hero Augment proves that sharing is carrying.

“Nilah gains 30 AP. At the start of combat, your strongest Nilah grants her nearest ally a temporary copy of one of her items. Gain a Nilah.”

Nilah, 3-cost, Jubilant Veil

Nilah’s supportive Augment is the perfect choice to protect your other frontline Duelist carries.

“At the start of combat, your strongest Nilah grants herself and allies within 1 hex in the same row immunity to crowd control for 20 seconds. Gain a Nilah.”

Bel’Veth, 4-cost, Voidmother

Bel’Veth’s flex Augment overwhelms your foe with distracting (and destructive) Voidspawns.

“At the start of combat, your strongest Bel’Veth creates 2 Voidspawns with 75% Health nearby. Gain a Bel’Veth.”

Zed, 4-cost, Contempt for the Weak

With Zed’s supportive Augment, everyone becomes a mobile reset machine!

“Zed grants all allies Attack Speed. Upon takedown, they dash to a new target, tripling this bonus for 2.5 seconds. Gain a Zed.”

Syndra, 5-cost, Empowered Reserves

Syndra’s supportive Augment is a cross between the Cluttered Mind Augment and Preparation. It rewards hectic benches by synergizing with Syndra’s ability to throw benched units into play.

“At the start of combat, Syndra, her allies, and your benched units gain 5 bonus Ability Power for each unit on your bench. Gain a Syndra.”

Threat Units

These are just some of the samples of Hero Augments that would lead you to plan ahead in the next patch. If there are Heroes in the story, there are also Threats to consider. As mentioned, there are units that will be introduced as threats, very powerful on their own and they don’t need any trait synergies to dominate the board. Their raw power is enough to trample on your opponents’ boards to win the game.

Here are some of the Threats that you can already look into for the set:

Finally we have Rammus joining the TFT Set, which marks all of the champions to be units in TFT. There are no units left that has not joined Teamfight Tactics (except of course K’Sante, the newest addition to League of LEgends.) Rammus (3-cost) is a frontliner that counters Attack Damage comps with his passive armor gain and ability, Sand Slam, which powers our spiky-boy up to then leap into the largest group of nearby enemies. He briefly knocks them up, dealing magic damage that scales with Armor, and reduces their Attack Damage for a few seconds. This will surely break a comp that revolves around being close to a single unit, much like Seraphine for Set 7.5.

As mentioned Bel’Veth will also be included in the set Bel’Veth (4-cost) has her ability, Endless Banquet, that makes her dash around her target and unleash a flurry of attacks (scaling with Attack Speed) that reduce her target’s Armor and Magic Resist. Each time she casts, she’ll gain bonus Attack Speed for the rest of combat. Like we stated, Threats don’t benefit from the Threat trait, but they do benefit from Emblems. This will be a small loophole that would make Threats more powerful, and would make players choose Spatulas more often, if they are to use Threats in their comps.

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The scariest Threat would be Fiddlesticks (5-cost) the only one with an additional trait. Corrupted keeps Fiddlesticks dormant at the start of combat and when allied champions die, he absorbs their soul, gaining Ability Power. After falling below 40% Health or when all allies have died, Fiddlesticks comes alive, casting Dark Harvest and jump(scaring) the largest cluster of enemies. For the next few seconds, he deals massive magic damage as he drains the life from nearby enemies and heals for a portion of the damage dealt. This will be a clean up unit that secure you the win ultimately.

Item Anvils and PVE Encounters

In addition to these new mechanics, they will be adding “Item Anvils” that would begin to drop starting at around Stage 4-7 PVE encounter. You will be able to choose from one out of three item components during this time, which would benefit players heavily to finish their composition. This was taken out of game developer Mort’s notes in Dragonlands, where Treasure Dragon finishes all player’s needs in terms of items. There will also be PVE encounters in Stage 5-7 and 6-7, where you will be facing three different titanic Threats namely Aurelion Sol, Urgot, and Zac. They will drop full Item Anvils that would benefit players than defeating a rift herald, only to get an item completely useless in your current comp.

These are only a few of the introduced new mechanics in the upcoming Set 8.0 of TFT, Monster Attack! But for now, you can read more about the Dragonlands takeaways from developer Mort.

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