Nebraska football fired head coach Scott Frost following their difficult start to the 2022 season. The three leading candidates to replace Frost were revealed by Bruce Feldman of FOX College Football.

“I think Mickey Joseph, who's lit a spark around here this week, I think he has a real chance if he can get some momentum and get rolling here today to be a serious candidate,” Feldman said in reference to Nebraska football's potential next head coach. “To me, the guys that are at the top of the wish list right now… Matt Campbell has done a terrific job at Iowa State… Lance Leipold has done an amazing job at Kansas… Jamey Chadwell at Coastal Carolina, I think they will look at him as well. One wild card in there, Matt Rhule in the NFL on the hot seat with the Carolina Panthers.”

Feldman believes Campbell, Leipold, and Chadwell are the leading Nebraska football head coaching candidates to replace Scott Frost. But he interestingly mentioned Matt Rhule of the Panthers as well.

Feldman also talked to coaches around Nebraska football and was told what went wrong for Frost.

He revealed that there were three main things that led to Frost's firing. First off, there was reportedly a concerning lack of organization. Secondly, Feldman says Frost was impulsive which led to questionable decision-making. Finally, Feldman says he heard that Frost leaned on bad advice.

Nebraska football clearly needed to hit the refresh button. The Cornhuskers are hopeful their next coach will pan out.