The Crew Motorfest is now available, taking players across the beautiful island of O'ahu, Hawaii. But if this is your first Crew game, you might be a bit intimidated by what the game offers. Therefore, we created The Crew Motorfest Beginner's Guide. This guide should get you acquainted with how the map works, the various modes in the game, and how to increase your car collection.

The Crew Motorfest Beginner's Guide

When you first start Motorfest, you'll first create your character before being taken to a tutorial. This tutorial gives you just a taste of what to expect in the game. When finished, your asked to pick one of three starter cars. Firstly, you need to know if you want a fire, water, or grass type car.

Okay, Pokemon jokes aside, you get a choice between these three cars:

  • 2019 BMW Z4 M40i Motorfest Edition
    • Power: 335 BHP
      Speed: 250 km/h
      Acceleration: 4.5s
  • 2009 Honda S2000 Motorfest Edition
    • Power: 240 BHP
      Speed: 250 km/h
      Acceleration: 6.2s
  • 2024 Ford Mustang GT Convertible Motorfest Edition
    • Power: 486 BHP
    • Speed: 250 km/h
    • Acceleration: 3.8s

Honestly, which car you choose here doesn't matter, as you'll be expanding your collection of vehicles in no time. However, we recommend either the BMW or Ford Mustang GT. The Honda looks the coolest to us, but takes the longest to reach top speeds while having low BHP.

Once you're all set, the game introduces you to Cara, your personal assistant throughout your time at Motorfest. Overall, she doesn't really do much other than talk about upcoming Playlists, with some random commentary here or there. Once you've met her, the game asks you to select a Playlist.

The Crew Motorfest Playlists

Firstly, we recommend checking any of the 15 playlists the game offers on launch. These offline events loan you various vehicles as you race your way to earn some cash. These events not only help you decide which cars you like, but you get some money out of it. If you're looking to just save up some dough, check out our guide on which playlists offer the most cash.

Some Playlists require that you own or purchase a certain vehicle before you begin. These typically don't cost too much, and practically pay for themselves after you complete all the events.

Each Playlist follows a story. For example, Hawaii Scenic Tour is a relaxing, stress-free playlist where you just drive and learn about the island. Made In Japan tests your skills by pinning you against a crew of experienced racers. Additionally, some playlists are inspired by content creators such as Donut Media and Supercar Blondie. Overall, each Playlist brings their own story, and more importantly, different rides to try out.

Additionally, each Playlist hosts its own set of challenges, which might require certain cars to attempt. These challenges require you to complete certain objectives in order to earn even more cash and XP.

Overall, we recommend checking out Made In Japan, and Hawaii Scenic Tour first. The latter offers multiple missions that give huge payouts. Additionally, the last event of the Liberty Walk Playlist also offers a huge payday, though the race is extremely long,

Crew Motorfest Beginner's Guide – Check Out The Main Stage

The Main Stage is the live service where you find your dedicated monthly events. For example, September is the American Car Culture month, with each week celebrating a different aspect of American racing.

As you progress through the month, you compete in various activities like weekly the Summit Contest. Each brings a new competition to the mix, with their own unique rewards. Playing and winning these competitions earns you special rewards as you progress through your Legend Levels. Surpassing each level gets you new Legend Points, which you can use to upgrade certain aspects about your driver, vehicle, or other stats.

Overall, we recommend trying out the Main Stage once you've completed at least 1-2 playlists. Since they're available for a limited time, we recommend checking them out before they go away forever.

Feats, Challenges, and Other Side Activities

In between your playlists and main events, check out all the side activities and challenges the map as to offer.

Firstly, the easiest to identify are the Feats. Overall, they're essentially micro-challenges that test your speed and turning, among other skills. We recommend tackling these as you see them. They reward the player with a nice bit of XP and money, giving you incentive not to fast travel.

Next up are Photo Ops, which require you to use the game's Photo Mode (left on D-Pad) to snap a picture of something specific. These little challenges also offer money and XP.

Treasures can also be collected. These might be tricky to get sometimes, as you won't know you're near a treasure until your map tells you. Your map blinks faster the closer you are, but keep your eyes on the bottom of the screen. You simply drive over the treasure, and hold the button to collect it. The trick, of course, is finding the treasure.

Crew Motorfest Beginner's Guide – Online

When you're feeling adventurous, try out any of the online modes. Currently, the Crew Motorfest offers online modes such as the Grand Race and Demolition Royale:

  • Demolition Royale
    • Gather bonuses to boost your crew before you prepare to fight
    • Destroy opponents when the event starts to steal their bonuses
    • Upgrade your ride into a monster truck for a limited time by using your Ultimate.

The Grand Race is simple as it sounds. Simply race and finish 1st to win.

More events, both online and offline should be coming to the game throughout it's lifespan, so keep an eye out.

Additionally, if you want to compete off the roads, check out the Custom Show. Here, you submit a car you fully decked out, and the community decides which one is the best. Winning the show earns you some very unique rewards, so feel free to submit your ride. It's absolutely free to register a vehicle, so you might as well try it.

However, if you don't want to compete, just vote for your favorite vehicles when starting the game. You don't have to, but you never know. You might just give someone a chance to earn some good rewards.

We recommend not racing online until you're full and ready. Make sure you're comfortable with vehicles from almost any category or type.

Buying a New Ride

The Crew Motorfests' Car Shop features over 600 vehicles, which you can filter through in many ways.

If you want to just see all Ferrari cars, go right ahead. Want to look at all Nissan Drift Cars? Nobody's stopping you. The Crew Motorfest offers an extensive search screen.

Now, when looking for vehicles, you want to focus on a few things. Firstly, do you care about speed and performance? Or, do you prefer a cool looking ride? There's a few things you can do to find the best cars:

  • Perf Level – Determines how powerful a car can be with upgrades. Certain cars have Perf levels of 600, 810, and even 990. However, when you get these cars, you still need to upgrade them. You earn these upgrades via completing playlists.
    • Side note: You can spend legend points on the Lucky Stat, which increases LOOT quality.
  • Transmission – Typically, 4WD is the easiest to drive, but all vehicles can be easily mastered in short time
  • Speed and Acceleration – Not only does the speed matter, but how fast it can reach top speed. Therefore, focus on searching for high speeds with low acceleration times
  • Weight – Overall, weight only matters in situations like uphill and downhill racing. Heavier cars perform better on the latter, while lighter cars do better uphill.

Just because a car is expensive doesn't mean its the best. So spend your money wisely.

Crew Motorfest Beginner's Guide – Save Your Money

All money earned in The Crew Motorfest should be saved. With over 600 vehicles, it's easy to get lost in the shop and splurge on new wheels. But you should familiarize yourself first with each car's Perf level, speed, weight, acceleration, and other stats. Additionally, make sure to Test drive each car when viewing them in the shop menu. Most vehicles give you the chance to go for a test drive right before purchasing them.

Switch While You Travel

The Crew Motorfest allows you to seamlessly switch between Cars, Planes, and Boats whenever you'd like. However, you won't switch to another vehicle unless you have the space to do so. This feature is great if you want to switch around as you drive. Additionally, we like how it helps you reach destinations faster. Lastly, we need to mention how awesome it is to fly a plane all the way up in the air, only to change to your car or boat when you reached the peak altitude. The result: totally worth it.

However, Motorfest does offer a fast travel mechanic. However, doing this prevents you from driving the vehicles you purchased. Additionally, you won't earn XP along the way, nor can you attempt any challenges, Photo Ops, or feats along the way.

Crew Motorfest Beginner's Guide – Left Behind? Use Rewind.

Lastly, we should mention one of the most important new features, Rewind. Got stuck left behind while the other players increase their lead? Just hold triangle (or Y on Xbox), and you can rewind up to 15 seconds backwards. However, certain modes or events that track your time don't get set back. So if you needed to reach an objective within 10 seconds, the rewind won't help you here.

Overall, Rewind is great for new players looking to get used to their new rides.

And that's everything you need to know to kick-start your The Crew Motorfest experience. We hope this guide helped familiarize you with the game, so you can rule the streets faster. We hope you enjoy! The Crew Motorfest is available for PS5, PS4Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC (via Epic Games Store and Ubisoft Store.

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