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Kevin Love finally realizes key Michael Jordan-LeBron James similarity

The Last Dance, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Love, Michael Jordan

Kevin Love has finally realized some of the similarities between Michael Jordan and LeBron James. Many have argued that the era of social media has extrapolated the magnifying glass on his former teammate.  Yet a quick glance into ESPN’s docuseries “The Last Dance” has convinced Love that Jordan dealt with plenty of criticism as well, back in his day.

“I always had the idea back then because there was no social media and there wasn’t that scrutiny,” Kevin Love said of Michael Jordan and the ’90s Bulls after watching The Last Dance, according to Mark Medina of USA TODAY Sports. “But it’s almost like LeBron. MJ was a planet and you take everything in his orbit. I didn’t realize that. This isn’t a parallel.

“But it’s a crazy time with the media, especially when they went down 2-0 in New York (in the 1993 Eastern Conference Finals) and he went gambling with his dad. The media made a big deal about it and was trying to tear him down. That was interesting as well. I didn’t know that. I was too young to know that was going on.”

Plenty of critics have argued that LeBron James has it worse than any other superstar in the history of the league, but those talking didn’t live the Jordan era. The Bulls megastar had a bee’s nest of reporters flocking his every step, as well as pundits willing to tear apart his social life, his vices, and his decision-making.

The era of social media has amplified the debate beyond newspapers — though rest assured that Jordan received just as much criticism from columnists, beat writers, and panelists during his stay in Chicago. Nevertheless, The Last Dance is educating many folks who are too young to remember peak Michal Jordan coverage. Maybe fans are being educated as well.