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Michael Jordan ignoring reactions, memes to The Last Dance


Aside from giving fans an in-depth look at Michael Jordan and the ’90s Chicago Bulls’ unparalleled greatness, ESPN’s 10-part docuseries “The Last Dance” also inadvertently gave the internet more meme-worthy moments from His Airness.

However, according to Michael Jordan’s 27-year-old daughter Jasmine, her father hasn’t really paid much attention to the avalanche of fresh memes and gifs being created at Jordan’s expense, or even viewer reaction entirely.

Social media had a field day when Jordan hysterically laughed at Gary Payton’s notion that he struggled against him in the 1996 Finals. Memes of Jordan taking everything personally have also sprouted left and right.

This, of course, adds to the pre-existing “Crying Jordan” meme that was birthed during his Hall of Fame Speech in 2009.

Jasmine, meanwhile, added that the Jordan family has truly enjoyed how the documentary played out and the warm reception it received from millions of viewers across the globe.

“We are all very happy to see how successful the doc has been and to see athletes, fans, new fans etcetera,” Jasmine said, per ET Online. “Obviously with the coronavirus, we all watched separately versus watching together, but we had a running group text thread.”

“We would talk about what was happening, laugh at seeing our younger selves in some of the episodes and ask my dad any questions we might’ve had,” she furthered.

The Last Dance, meanwhile, wrapped up its final two episodes last week, leaving fans wishing there was more content available. The critically-acclaimed docuseries was a welcome respite for basketball fans who are still coping with the loss of professional sports due to the pandemic.