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Scott Burrell’s wife reacts to Michael Jordan roasting her husband

The Last Dance

One of the most hilarious bits coming out of Sunday’s episodes of The Last Dance was Michael Jordan absolutely roasting his former Chicago Bulls teammate Scott Burrell. As it turns out, Burrell’s wife was also tuned in (of course she was), and her reaction to his husband’s rather unwanted cameo is pretty epic.

Jordan went on a no holds barred attack on Burrell’s antics off the court. What made the scene even more hilarious is how Burrell himself seemed so desperate to keep things under wraps. Burrell’s wife, Jeane Coakley, who is a sports reporter and is currently an anchor at SNY, chimed in on the fun via Twitter.

Coakley first revealed that his husband was actually quit the cradle-snatcher.

The Last Dance doc provided for other great moments.

It appeared that Burrell had just gotten into heaps of trouble with his wife, and that an epic fight about his carefree past was brewing. As it turns out, though, Mrs. Burrell was actually pretty cool about all this. Like the rest of us, she just thought it was hilarious. Again, this The Last Dance doc is gold.

What a champ. Burrell seems to have found himself a good one in Coakley, and perhaps he has put his old ways behind him.

Michael Jordan, though. What a tattletale, right? Then again, maybe he would have kept mum if Burrell didn’t manifest the ill effects of his hangovers during practice. The Last Dance doc is the gift that keeps giving.