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What really happened when Michael Jordan fetched Dennis Rodman from in-season vacation


A lot of tales from the Chicago Bulls’ heyday are at times lost within detail. Dennis Rodman’s in-season vacation being one of them, as Jason Hehir, the executive director of ESPN docuseries “The Last Dance” cleared up a few parts of the story.

“I think that’s a bit misconstrued that he got him out of the hotel room, he got him out of his apartment, he lived across the street from the United Center,” Hehir explained at length during an interview with Jalen & Jacoby. “His vacation part of it happened in Vegas, of course, but he still felt like he was gonna do a stay-cation in Chicago. So Michael said ‘alright, I’m gonna walk across the street — it literally was across the street.

“He went with the athletic trainer, they banged on his door. Michael I think — he said off camera — he grabbed him by his nose ring and just took him out [of his apartment].”

Many were amazed that Jordan would volunteer to go to Las Vegas to fish Rodman out of a vacation that had gone too long, but as it turns out it was merely a walk across the street before he gave his teammate a good yank back to the practice facility.

Jordan perhaps instilled more fear than Phil Jackson or any member of the Bulls front office coming to confront him.

“The Worm” was given a hard 48-hour deadline to report back to the team, taking off for the airport almost immediately after Jackson gave him the green light.

A re-energized Rodman would resume playing as usual, but this time a lot more clear-headed after his short-lived in-season vacation in Sin City.