After more than two years since the last installment and a couple of cool trailers, The Mandalorian is back with its new season. Star Wars fans will now learn what fate awaits Pedro Pascal's Din Djarin and Grogu as the two journey across the universe to get back the former into the good graces of the Children of the Watch. We delve into this The Mandalorian season 3 episode 1 ending explained to truly learn what went down in this Star Wars series on Disney Plus.

The Mandalorian season 3 episode 1 ending explained

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This week's The Mandalorian season 3 episode 1 recap starts with the Armorer forging a new helmet out of Beskar. It's revealed that the said helmet is for a young boy who'll join the Children of the Watch as its other members look on at him. The boy then swears his allegiance to the ways of Mandalore as he receives the helmet from the Armorer.

Just as he was about to finish his oath, a giant crocodile appears out of the water and starts attacking the Mandalorians. After failing to defeat the creature, a gray Naboo Starfighter appears out of nowhere and blasts the monster wide open. Din Djarin comes out and reveals that he has Grogu along with him.

Inside a cave, the Armorer confronts Din about the removal of his mask. In turn, the bounty hunter says that there is a path to redemption as the mines of Mandalore still survive as the planet's surface may be safe to explore. Din makes a deal with her that if he returns from Mandalore with proof that the mines exist, he will be taken back into the Watch.

Journeying via light speed to Mandalore, Grogu notices a group of whale-like creatures traveling alongside them. After their flight, the pair reach Nevarro and meet with High Magistrate Greef Karga. The latter then offers both Din and Grogu a place to stay in Nevarro, which has become a thriving planet in the Outer Rim. While their discussion is going on, a group of pirates arrive in the city.

Vane, the leader of the pirates, attempts to threaten Karga after the old bar they helped to be built has been transformed into a school. Not going to let the disrespect pass, Karga and Vane face off against each other with the former getting the upper hand on the pirate. And just as his fellows are about to help, Din steps in to incapacitate them.

After the tense encounter, Karga wants Din to become his marshall on Nevarro, an offer the Mandalorian refuses. He then asks the High Magistrate to revive IG-11 back to help him explore Mandalore. Karga takes the remains of the droid from the statue it was set in, and manages to make it functional again. But just as it does, the droid's original programming to terminate Grogu kicks in, forcing Din to incapacitate it again. This forces Din to surrender IG-11 to the Anzellans, small aliens who are experienced in repairing droids.

Inside their workshop, Din and Grogu watch on as the Anzellans try to repair IG-11. They later said that its memory circuit is shot and it's impossible to find a replacement. Din volunteers to find a new memory circuit in the hopes of repairing IG-11. The pair then set off to find the piece of tech they need to complete the droid's revival.

As they're traveling the galaxy, Din teaches Grogu how to navigate. While this is happening, Vane returns with several companions to attack Din's space fighter in retaliation for what happened on Nevarro. Din manages to defeat Vane's group of pirates as he shoots their fighters down one by one. It's later revealed that vane led him to his captain, Gorian Shard, who's residing inside a larger ship. Before his blasters can make short work of him, Din blasts off via light speed to escape the pirates.

Arriving on Kalevala, another planet in the Mandalorian system, the pair visit Bo-Katan Kryze and says he will join her. She then reveals that her forces have left after failing to procure the Darksaber. Bo-Katan then angril tells Din that the Children of the Watch fractured her people and there's nothing left on Mandalore. Din then says that he plans to go to Mandalore to atone for his sin, an act that Bo-Katan advises him not to do so. Even with her refusal to help, she gives Din the exact coordinates he's looking for. With that information gained, Din thanks Bo-Katan and leaves with Grogu while the Mandalorian leader looks ominously away.

What just happened? The Mandalorian season 3 episode 1 recap

In this The Mandalorian season 3 episode 1 breakdown, we see the series of events Din and Grogu undergo after the events of The Book of Boba Fett. We learn that Nevarro has transformed into a respectable planet headed by Karga, who has changed immensely as its High Magistrate. We also learn of Din's deal with the Armorer about his atonement if he proves that Mandalore's surface is safe to explore. This deal then leads the pair off to their current quest, bringing them to the revival of IG-11.

Even with the failure of reviving the battle droid, Din goes on to Kalevala with the hopes of joining Kryze's journey to Mandalore. It's revealed that Bo-Katan's forces have left her due to the absence of the Darksaber, a weapon Din has in his possession. This ends the first episode as a villainous turn is somehow sensed from the female Mandalorian, which might put her at odds with Din and Grogu. Until then, Star Wars fans need to keep an eye on this Disney Plus series to discover whether this part of the story will pay off as season 3 progresses.