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The reason Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez are trying to patch up relationship

Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez

The reported split between former MLB star Alex Rodriguez and actress Jennifer Lopez became the talk of the town last week which surprised the public. However, the celebrity couple eventually laid the swirling rumors to rest as they claimed that they are already working through their problems to repair their relationship.

According to TMZ, their four children were the main reason why the couple wanted to bring back their family. Lopez’s 13-year-old twins in Emme and Max from her former partner in Marc Anthony along with Rodriguez’s two teenage daughters in Natasha and Ella from his ex-wife in Cynthia Scurtis were all ravaged by the news about the couple’s breakup.

The kids eventually played a huge role in the couple’s decision-making and even weighed in on the conversation between Alex Rodriguez and Lopez. Apparently, their respective families have been blended into one and they have been spending the holidays and vacations together since the couple got engaged back in March of 2019.

Per TMZ, after the couple was apart from each other for a couple of weeks, Rodriguez eventually flew to the Dominican Republic where Lopez is currently shooting for a movie, possibly in an effort to sort things out in their relationship.

Hopefully, the rocky situation will end well between Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez for the sake of their children. It remains to be seen if the couple will completely get back together again but it will definitely put a smile on their children’s faces if they ultimately choose to do so in the near future.