The Seattle Seahawks overall had plenty of success since becoming a franchise but like every other team, they have had plenty of terrible free agent signings. There has been plenty of free agent signings that they gave out big money too — which obviously did not work out. Let's look at the five worst free agent signings in Seahawks history.

5. Mike Williams

Mike Williams found a lot of success during his one season under Pete Carroll at USC, but his time with the Seahawks didn't work out as well. Williams had been out of football for two years when Carroll brought him in during his first year in charge of the team. His first game with the team he caught four passes for 64 yards, but it all seemed to all go downhill from there. In his second season with the team, he broke his leg which caused him to finish the year with only 18 catches for 236 yards and a touchdown. He was later released by the Seahawks and he never played another down with the Seahawks.

4. Eddie Lacy

Eddie Lacy was a standout running back with the Alabama Crimson Tide. He started his career with the Green Bay Packers where he played well, but he sometimes had weight issues. The Seahawks brought in Eddie Lacy to be the starting running back during the 2017 season. It was a one-year deal so it was low risk, but it was still disappointing with his production for a guy they were really leaning on. Lacy played in nine games, starting only three, rushing only 69 times for 179 yards and zero touchdowns. He was a healthy scratch a few games, and after the one season, he never saw an NFL field again.

3. Nate Odomes

Nate Odomes was a standout cornerback for the Buffalo Bills and played a big role in the team making four Super Bowls. The Seahawks were hoping to get a star player for their defense handing him a $2.2 million signing bonus to bring him on board before the 1994 season. Odomes injured his knee in a pickup basketball game and never found the field for the Seahawks. After the two seasons with the Seahawks, he moved onto the Atlanta Falcons for one season before hanging up his cleats for good.  He was a decent player for the Falcons in the one season, which makes the basketball injury even more disappointing.

2. Sidney Rice

Sidney Rice had one solid season with the Minnesota Vikings, but the Seahawks still thought he was worth bringing in on a five-year deal worth $41 million. Rice battled injuries his entire time with the Seahawks, and it ended up being money wasted. His second year with the Seahawks, he did have 748 receiving yards, but the other two seasons he finished with less than 500 yards. After the 2013 season the Seahawks released him. He did sign back with the Seahawks on a one-year deal in early 2014, but just a few months later he decided to hang up the cleats for good.

1. Matt Flynn

is there really any doubt about the worst free agent signing in Seahawks history? Flynn had one good game in the NFL when he started for Aaron Rodgers in Week 16 for the Green Bay Packers. The Seahawks saw enough in that one game to give him the keys to the quarterback room. Flynn was given a three-year deal worth over $20 million. The Seahawks also drafted someone named Russell Wilson who competed with Flynn for the starting job. Wilson ended up winning the game out of camp and the rest was history. The Seahawks could have really used that $20 million somewhere else, but at the time it seemed like the right choice.