Here’s everything you need to know about the reboot of The Settlers: New Allies release date, gameplay, story, and other details.

The Settlers: New Allies may have been delayed a couple of times, but Ubisoft is finally ready to release the game. First announced in January 2022, this The Settlers reboot will be the first since The Settlers 7 which was released way back in 2010. After a rocky beta testing period that led to delays to the game’s originally slated release date, the game is finally here for everyone else to play.

The Settlers: New Allies Release Date: February 17, 2023

The Settlers: New Allies is coming out exclusively on PC via Epic Games Store on February 17, 2023.

It’s been a long time since we’ve had a new The Settlers game, so we’ve been excited about this game ever since it was first announced. However, the game has been marked with bad early previews and long delays due to bad reception from beta testers. Still, The Settlers may just ride on the coattails of other games now emerging for a new age of Real-Time Strategy games, but The Settlers might still take a bit of time before it returns to its former glory.


The Settlers: New Allies is a real-time strategy game that involves resource gathering, base-building, researching tech trees, and warfare featuring small skirmishes, set in 3D landscapes on different biomes.

In the game, players would be able to choose from three different factions, each with their own unique playstyle and appearance: The Elari, The Maru, and The Jorn. On top of the regular skirmishes that usually just involve eliminating all opponents, players can also partake in a hardcore mode with modified goals and objectives for victory. Hardcore Mode is a challenge-type feature that rotates every day, completion of which will grant players in-game currency which they can use to purchase cosmetics.

Online play is also available for up to eight players on one map. Multiplayer can also be used to play co-operatively on Hardcore Mode maps.


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According to Ubisoft, the game will feature a single-player story-driven campaign.

In-Game Store and Microtransactions

On top of the upfront price you have to pay to purchase and play the game, The Settlers: New Allies features microtransactions. However, all microtransactions only involve cosmetic items, like tower skins, border stone appearance, unit skins, emblems, and player titles. These cosmetic items can be purchased either through a premium currency that can be bought with real money, or through an in-game currency earned through play.

As can be seen in the comments section of the blog post that announced the in-game store, this didn’t sit well with the community.

The Settlers: New Allies Standard, Pre-Order, and Deluxe Editions

The Settlers: New Allies will be coming in both Standard and Deluxe Editions for $59.99 and $79.99, respectively. Unfortunately, the game will only be available digitally.

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Pre-ordering the game will give players access to the “Founders Pack,” which includes the following cosmetic bonuses:

  • 3 Reef Towers
  • Captain Title
  • 1-Day Shard Booster

The Settlers: New Allies Deluxe Edition will give players access to the following cosmetic bonuses:

  • Royal Items Set
  • Royal Title Set
  • 3-Day Shard Booster
  • The Art of Settlers Digital Artbook
  • Selected Game Soundtrack
  • Pathfinder’s Mark
  • Explorer Title
  • Compass Emblem

It appears that the contents of the “Founders Pack” is not included in the Deluxe Edition, so players who want to access both bonus content will have to pre-purchase the Deluxe Edition before The Settlers: New Allies release date on February 17.