Dillard University is taking smart steps to help students stay cool after the air conditioning at the university stopped working on August 19, per a report by Raeven Poole of WGNO. The lack of air conditioning was a major inconvenience, as students reported that dorms and classrooms were hotter than usual.

In response, the university made several moves, including creating an initiative called “DU Cool Down” which encourages students to stay inside from 10 AM-6 PM. The university also distributed fans, put portable air conditioners in the rooms, and also installed a temporary chiller to help make the water in the school’s cooling system colder. Drinking stations have been set up around campus so students can stay hydrated.

Dillard University president Dr. Rochelle Ford applauds the changes and believes that they will go a long way to help beat the heat.

“These things will help us save energy. Turning off lights will use less electricity, and doing laundry later in the day will make our school more eco-friendly. So, not only will this help us stay cool, it will make our school more green.”

Other ideas suggested by the university to keep cool are unplugging things that use electricity, closing the blinds, and waiting until the sun goes down to do laundry.

“As the heat continues to make extreme demands on our power grid, Dillard is encouraging all members of our communiversity to participate in a campus demand response program and DU-HEAT. Demand response refers to initiatives encouraging consumers to shift electricity use from high-demand times to times when the need is lower and electricity is more plentiful,” stated University officials in the report.

The temperature in New Orleans, Lousiana is set to reach 100 degrees on Wednesday and is set to stay between 98 and 101 degrees until next Monday, per the Weather Channel.