The Witcher universe is prepping for a shakeup after its upcoming season as Henry Cavill will be bowing out as Geralt of Rivia (and be replaced by Liam Hemsworth), but the universe won't be short of star power as action movie icon Dolph Lundgren is currently filming a new spinoff series.

Speaking to Aftonbladet, Lundgren revealed that he is currently in South Africa in production on a spinoff series of The Witcher. He didn't go into grave detail about the role and what to expect in the show, but given the history of his roles, you'd imagine that he'll be kicking butt in whatever role this is.

The Witcher is Netflix's adaptation of Andrzej Sapkowski's fantasy book series of the same name. The series has run for three seasons thus far and has also had a spinoff animated film (The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf) and series (Blood Origin) come out. Henry Cavill has starred as Geralt for the first three seasons and will shortly be replaced by Liam Hemsworth in future seasons, but in addition to him, Anya Chalotra, Freya Allan, Eamon Farren, Joey Batey, and MyAnna Buring star in the series. Netflix is taking a unique approach to its release as Season 3 is going to be split into two volumes. The first will be released on June 29 and the second on July 27.

Dolph Lundgren is a pop culture icon that first gained recognition in Rocky IV as Ivan Drago — he'd reprise his role in Creed II over three decades later. He'd also share the silver screen with Sylvester Stallone in the Expendables franchise, playing Gunner Jensen in the first three entries in the series and is set to appear in the forthcoming fourth installment. He'll also reprise another franchise role later this year — King Nereus in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.


Franz Christian Irorita ·

Franz Christian Irorita ·

The Witcher Season 3, Volume 1 will premiere on June 29 and Volume 2 on July 27 on Netflix.