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‘This can be used as receipts later’: Brian Windhorst drops eye-opening take on how Lakers really feel about roster

Lakers, Brian Windhorst

The Los Angeles Lakers are hoping for a rebound season following their dreadful 2021-22 campaign. However, there is not much optimism surrounding the team. NBA insider Brian Windhorst shared his brutally honest thoughts on the Lakers ahead of the new campaign.

“This can be used as receipts later. You can use this against me, I guess, Lakers. I don’t believe that the basketball people in this organization believe that this is a group that’s actually gonna work,” Windhorst said.

Windhorst shared the Lakers can use this “as receipts” against him later if necessary. If LA finds success and they release a video of preseason doubters, Windhorst is fine with them including him in the video. But he believes that the organization is not fully confident in the Lakers’ current direction.

One of Brian Windhorst’s main concerns stems for the Lakers’ inability to shoot at an efficient level.

“So you are looking at all these guys, who don’t shoot the ball well in a league where shooting is not only at a premium, for the last 15 years in this league every team that has had Lebron James, it’s shooting, shooting, shooting, shooting,” Windhorst said on NBA Today.

LeBron James has previously played with a number of talented shooters. Windhorst is correct in his assessment when it comes to the Lakers’ lack of shooting. Nevertheless, LA will have an opportunity to compete if Anthony Davis stays healthy and Russell Westbrook adapts to playing on this team.

The Lakers are hoping to prove Windhorst wrong and use his comments as receipts later this year.