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Carmelo Anthony, Russell Westbrook react to “Playoff P” nickname for Paul George


Whenever an NBA player gets baptized with a new nickname, it usually means he has made a strong impact on the game. Paul George, who’s known as PG13, recently got a new nickname: “Playoff P.” And his teammates Carmelo Anthony and Russell Westbrook got a laugh after hearing the new name for George.

As reported by Ben Golliver of Sports Illustrated, Westbrook and Anthony were being interviewed after their Game 1 victory against the Utah Jazz.

A reporter asked a question involving George and called him “Playoff P,” perhaps short for Playoff Paul. Below is the video:

As observed, the two cracked up but immediately accepted the nickname. After all, George tallied an impressive stat line consisting of 36 points, seven rebounds, and one steal. He also drained eight 3-pointers out of 11 attempts.

Perhaps the nickname represents George playing at the height of his talents. He is one of the few players today who perform excellently on both ends of the court. He has a smooth stroke and an ability to drain threes and perimeter shots. On the defensive end, his IQ and overall knowledge of the game is one of the best in his position. Whenever the nickname Playoff P gets mentioned, a strong overall performance is to be observed.

George’s performance lifted the Thunder a victory in Game 1. They’ve got a long series to go. But cementing the series opener is a big momentum builder for the Thunder. Especially since they’re up against the Jazz, who have proven to be dangerous opponents.